Coming Back to Soul - Rena McSweeney

During a Quantum Healing session a detailed life history is taken to start.

Intentions are then set around the Client’s story as setting an intention for the overall
outcome of the session is critical to the success of Quantum Healing. Everything is
created through intention and as a client you will want an overall outcome for the

An Intention ritual then takes place before the Hynosis and sets the scene for what’s

Following on from this the client is guided into a trance like state where they connect
to their subconcious and can visit lifetimes to find answers, clear blockages,
emotional traumas and find healing at a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical

The Client visits three lifetimes and then connects to her Higher self where she can

ask questions that she wants answered and find out the messages that she needs to
learn from the lifetimes visited.

The final part of your client’s regression involves a full body healing, grounding and
bringing back to awareness.

The IHeal Technique is a wonderful modality where powerful transformative healing
can take place.