Coming Back to Soul - Rena McSweeney

IET helps clear away the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy blockages while you relax in a warm comfortable setting. 

Nine healing Angels are invited to assist in removing the blockages by working with the healer. IET is a very effective healing treatment based on integrating in the pain of the past into the present to clear the energetic path at a cellular level for a happy and healthy future. 

There are nine specific points where we suppress trauma and during this healing, the old negative energy is removed at the cellular level and replaced with new loving positive energy. 

As the therapist, I work to support the body’s natural ability to establish and maintain a proper balance of this channel. IET is not used to diagnose, treat or heal disease it is used to support you in your self-healing process. 

An IET session lasts for one hour. The person receiving relaxes, fully clothed, on the plinth with a pillow with plenty of pillows to be as comfortable as possible. Blankets are also available to increase comfort. You will remain comfortably positioned and facing up for the entire session. 

The area in which the session is offered is arranged to promote a feeling of relaxation and peace. It is normally quiet with only the addition of soft music. The person receiving can focus on themselves, going deep within, and take a break from daily stresses and tension. 

Each session is finished with a grounding on your feet and you will be left for a few minutes to relax on the plinth and to come back into yourself.