Coming Back to Soul - Rena McSweeney

Rena is a Reiki Master, Experiential Healer, I Heal technique with Quantum Healing practitioner and is also an Integrated Energy Therapist (IET).

In Rena’s own healing journey she has learned through these modalities to recognise her own limiting beliefs, where they have come from and how to heal them.So with any of the above energy healing sessions the Client can clear such beliefs and step into their authentic power which can be life changing.

Rena’s Life mission is to bring peace, joy and self-empowerment to her clients in all areas of their lives with her energy healing.

Rena’s kind intuitive manner puts her clients at ease and gives them the knowing that they are held in a safe space.

On her own healing journey Rena has learned that we all have the potential within to heal ourselves. With the tools she has learned Rena wishes her clients to move towards the infinite possibilities that reside within them for happiness, success and health.

Rena works with Clients struggling in all areas of their lives such as relationships, work, health and trauma.

  • Do you struggle in your relationships?
  • Not knowing who you are and what you want?
  • Do you feel not seen or heard?
  • Do you attract unhealthy relationships?
  • Are you constantly sick or complaining of some ailment and want to know why?
  • Do you have an earlier childhood experience or trauma that is negativedly affecting your current Life?
  • Are you masking pain and unsure why and where it has come from?
  • Are you unhappy in your workplace and don’t know what your life purpose is?

Rena is a Nurse, Reiki Master, Experiential Healer and IHeal Technique.. Quantum Healing, Alternate and Past Lives Regression Practioner. She has also studied and practices Integrated Eneergy Therapy (IET).

Rena started her Nursing career in 1985 in the Bons Secours Hospital, Cork.When
she qualified in 1988 she went on to do Midwifery for 2 years in St. Finbarr’s Hospital as well as the Ernville Hospital, Cork.

She returned to the Bons Secours in 1991 and returned to Intensive Care and
Coronary Care and also worked in the Angiography Department whenbr it opened.

In 2004 she left Nursing and went into her Husband’s family business where she still works today. Running a busy office and raising her children took up the next 15 years of her life until she felt she was missing the Healing modality in her life and did Reiki Level 1 in 2019, Reiki Level 2 in 2020 and Reiki Master and Teacher in early 2021.

Following on from here she did Experiential Healing in September 2021 and this
brought her to the IHeal technique.. Quantum Healing, Alternate live and Past lives regression which she qualified in in April 2022.Since then she has qualifeid in IET (Level 1 and 2)in March 2023.